The Indiana Master Naturalist Program

The Indiana Master Naturalist Program is an educational/volunteer program developed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to provide citizens with hands-on opportunities to learn about Indiana's natural features and resources

The purpose of the program is to:
- Bring together natural resource specialists with adult learners to foster an understanding of Indiana's plants, soils, water ecology and wildlife.
- Provide an educational opportunity for course participants by volunteering with local agencies and organizations involved in natural resource management.

The Allen County Master Naturalist Program is conducted by the Fox Island Alliance.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The 2014 Allen County Master Naturalist classes will begin Feb. 18, 2014.  Schedules and registration forms will be available shortly on the "Fox Island Alliance" and "Allen County Parks" websites (See the "LINKS" section of this blog)

Questions?   Contact   Pam George @ 260-471-5952
                                    Jeff Ormiston@ 260-414-2538